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I am Stu Jones
Graphic Designer and Illustrator

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Dorset. I've created logos, illustrations, character designs, and a whole range of print artwork for a variety of clients including The University of Oxford, Lush Cosmetics, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and The BUAV.

I believe good design can really make a difference to the success of your business, and I offer unique creative solutions to meet your business needs. Whether you need a new logo, an illustration, a brochure or something more unusual I'd love to be involved. For web design I often work closely with my partner Web Designer Anna Celeste Watson and we'd love to hear from you.

Take a look at some of my work here.

Stu Jones
Jurassic Spring - Product Branding for Bottled Spring Water
I created the logo, branding and packaging design for Jurassic Spring, a new premium glass bottle spring water company based here in Dorset. The logo and product labels were carefully designed to reflect the nature of the product itself, which aims to "perfectly evoke the feeling of contentment that spending time on Devon and Dorset's coast creates".

Jurassic Spring launched in March 2015 and is served in carefully selected pubs, bars, cafés, restaurants, and hotels across the South Coast.

Stu Jones
Prosperon - Print Design & Exhibition Display
Prosperon Networks asked me to design some printed case studies for them to help communicate their expert services and previous success stories to potential clients. The branding from their new website designed by my partner Anna Celeste Watson was closely followed to ensure a consistent cross platform experience, while a concise project summary and clear contact details meant it was quick and easy to get an overview of the project and make contact. Large exhibition display boards for a large trade expo in London were created at the same time, specially designed to fit in with a one-off promotional theme.  
Stu Jones
Highland Cow - Charity T-Shirts
Little did I know it, but when my partner Web Designer Anna Celeste Watson asked me to design a range of charity farm animal t-shirts back in 2010 they would later feature in the leading women's glossy fashion magazine Cosmopolitan - fantastic! The 'Highland Cow' design continues to be a bestseller online, raising funds for the leading farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming.  
 Stu Jones
Toy Portraits - Personal Work
Partly inspired by Mike Kelly's portraits of cuddly toys I thought I'd start a small series of toy portraits of my own as a personal project!

All the toys are all normally to be found lurking around my home office and sometimes seem like part of the family so I thought I'd try and capture each one's unique story and character in pixels. By complete coincidence I am very exciting to be working with my Partner Web Designer Anna Celeste Watson on the rebrand and character design for traditional toy mail order company Mulberry Bush so look out for the website relaunch this Summer.

Stu Jones
Refreshing Logic - Branding / Logo Design
Inspired by my recent Trellick Tryptic illustrations, business consultancy specialists Refreshing Logic approached me this Spring to create their new logo, business cards and letterheads.

Refreshing Logic work with a wide variety of clients so their visual identity needed to communicate their unique approach without referencing any specific sectors. I have really enjoyed creating this logo, the finished version of which is based on the impossible Penrose pentagon, referencing their fresh approach to business consultancy. It uses a minimal, geometric style to communicate their structural thinking and to help retain a stable, trustworthy feel.
Yacht Gopher
Yacht Gopher
Yacht Gopher
Yacht Gopher - Logo, Branding & Character Design / Illustration
It was great to see the illustrated branding I created for Yacht Gopher translated into a website by my partner Anna Celeste Watson last Christmas. Yacht Gopher specialise in providing bespoke regatta support to Grand Prix Race Boats and Superyachts and really pride themselves on their dedicated, personal service. When they approached me to design their illustrated branding they explained they already had a few versions of the branding created by other designers that they felt weren't right so I took a lot of time at the start to really understand their business before developing something that really worked for them and that they really loved.

Yacht Gopher have just become the first ever regatta and race logistics company to obtain an ATOL licence granted by the Civil Aviation Authority, so to their founder Tamsin commissioned me this Autumn to create a new 'Biggles' style illustration and artwork for an emailer.

Due to requests from their friends and customers, back in the Summer I also created a t-shirt based on the main Yacht Gopher logo and illustration, and I am currently working on a 2014 Christmas card for them.

Stu Jones
Luv Song - lllustration of Poem for Resurgence Magazine
"That hedgehog is cool. Brilliant." It's great to get direct feedback from the poet when you illustrate one of their poems and it's even better when it wasn't expected and it was so positive!

When the guest editor of Resurgence Magazine asked me to to illustrate the poem 'Luv Song' by the leading contemporary poet Benjamin Zephaniah for their 'Animals - A New Ethics' issue I jumped at the chance. Benjamin Zephaniah is one of my favourite poets so it was brilliant just to have the opportunity to do it.

Impactt / LOCOG - London Olympics Illustrated Leaflet/Poster
When I was approached by Labour Standards specialists Impactt to illustrate a leaflet promoting good working conditions in factories producing London 2012 Olympic products, it felt great to be able to do something close to my heart. It was also interesting to have the challenge of designing for the particular audience base - primarily factory workers in China.  
ethicaledge® - Character Design & Illustrations for Website
My partner Web Designer Anna Celeste Watson and I were commissioned to create the illustrated website for ethicaledge® - the first charity recruitment agency to specialise in connecting talented creative people with amazing charity jobs. We were really pleased when the finished site was shortlisted for Site Inspections in the design industry magazine New Media Age, getting a very good score for its "eye-catching cartoon-style design" and was recommended as "one to keep an eye on".  
Stu Jones
Golden Hare No. 8 - Personal Work
An ongoing series of illustrations of hares on the theme of fertility and life. Each hare is presented with the moon and is laid out in a golden rectangle. Each one in the series is numbered according to the Fibonacci sequence. Prints are proving popular on the new Compassion Collective Etsy shop and at local craft fairs.  
Stu Jones
Stu Jones
The BUAV - 'Our Best Friends' Make Your Own Buddy Beagle
I have had great fun working once again with The BUAV for their 'Our Best Friends' charity campaign to help end the use of cats and dogs in research here in the UK. They asked me to create a 'make and do' cut out Buddy beagle dog, so after lots of maquettes in paper I came up with the 3D model character, then styled him up and laid out the printable page using their existing branding. They were thrilled with the results.

I missed working on him as soon as the project was signed off so am hoping they want a cat in future too if Buddy proves popular!

Stu Jones
Ancient Tree Forum - Charity Branding / Logo Design
I have been working on a new logo and rebrand for the charity The Ancient Tree Forum while my partner Web Designer Anna Celeste Watson redesigns their website this Autumn/Winter. The logo has just been approved by their large governing comity this November so here it is!

Ancient Tree Forum seeks to secure the long term future of ancient and veteran trees through advocacy of the importance of their protection, encouraging research, promoting best conservation practice and increasing people's enjoyment of old trees and the wildlife which inhabits them.

I have also just started working on the logo, branding and packaging design for a new high-end glassed bottled spring water company based here in Dorset so watch this space.

Stu Jones
Stu Jones
Hounds Off - Charity Branding / Logo Design
Hounds Off approached my partner Web Designer Anna Celeste Watson and I to develop their company logo/branding and website so they could more successfully communicate their brand to their audience, as a charitable organisation who specialise in offering support and advice to landowners affected by illegal hunt trespassing and 'hunt havoc'.

They really wanted to retain the core of their original logo (which is a detailed painting of a sleeping fox) whilst making it more modern, professional and approachable, and better suited to working across all platforms, so we are really pleased they love the new compact, appealing and recognisable logo we have created that will be used on their new responsive website and on their social networks and merchandise.

We also launched a Christmas card in aid of Hounds Off called 'Sleeping Fox in Winter' under the Compassion Collective.

Stu Jones
Stu Jones
Stu Jones
Mulberry Bush - Branding / Logo & Character Design for Responsive Website and Mail Order Catalogue
I have really enjoyed working once again with my partner Web Designer Anna Celeste Watson and our Associate Web Developer John Dillon at AccuWeb, refreshing the brand identity of traditional toy mail order company Mulberry Bush as part of their major responsive website redesign which launched this August 2014.

As well as redesigning the logo so its more modern and to work better across all platforms, I have also created two bespoke characters called Mickey and Molly Mulberry to be used online and in print, and have refreshed their printed catalogue for the new Autumn collection.

The BUAV / Cruelty-Free International - Charity Infographic
It was a pleasure to have been asked to design an illustrated infographic style timeline for The BUAV/Cruelty Free International for the online promotion of the 2013 ban on animal testing for cosmetics in the EU. They wanted a really clever way of showing the journey from the founding of The BUAV, to the implementation of the ban, so I came up with a concept of using a rabbit burrow as a metaphor, with white lab rabbits rather than wild brown ones. The start of the story (complete with storytelling rabbit) was the at the bottom, deep underground, and the timeline led the rabbits up towards freedom. The BUAV were over the moon with the final piece and are still using the image as a pull-up banner at their events.  
Stu Jones
Stu Jones
Webcredible - Illustrations for Office Walls & Training Brochure
It was fantastic to have finally had the chance to visit the Southwark, London offices of Webcredible in order to photograph the wall illustrations I created for them, and it was great to see my work large and in a different context.

I was also very pleased when Webcredible contacted me again last Autumn, this time to help them design their training brochure. Like the wall illustrations the style of the brochure had to reflect the online branding but the feel could be a little looser to give a more dynamic but approachable feel. I created the layout designs, illustrations and diagrams for the main pages which they then used as templates to create the remainder of the artwork in-house.
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